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When looking for Angus cattle for sale, consider Cattle Mail USA as your Angus sale source. Whether searching for Angus bulls, cows, embryo donor cows, bred heifers, open heifers, frozen embryos or show steer prospects, you can be assured that our website sale calendar and website directory is the portal to locate your next purchases. If you have Angus cattle or genetics to sell, Cattle Mail USA is the service to use for exposure to the cattle industry at all levels.

By subscribing to our broadcast emails, you be promptly informed of Angus cattle for sale and upcoming breed related events. We'll send details on upcoming auctions and private-treaty sales, along with providing numbers and catalogs from previous sales. Often, sellers will use our email list in combination with the email broadcast or email blast to provide corrections, updates or additions to their sales offerings and sale catalogs, plus any unavailable information or sale cattle photos or new updates to performance data, ultrasound data, scrotal measurements or GeneSTAR test results, providing you as a cattle buyer with valuable information prior to you purchasing cattle at the auction.

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Since Angus is considered by many as among the highest-quality beef breeds available in the United States, cattle from elite genetic lines often demand high prices at auction. Using the expected progeny differences (EPDs), you can better predict the progeny contribution of both bulls and females. The genetic heritability advantages of various traits including birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, milk, carcass traits, longevity, disposition and stability are all economic values important to cattle producers.

Today the breed popularity among the commercial industry is at an all time high enhanced by the Certified Angus Beef marketing program. It has added value to the feeder calf sold in the sale barns or to cattle order buyers, to the price beef packers are paying for fat cattle developed the feedlots and in the carcass premiums paid based on carcass quality and carcass yield grade scores.

At Cattle Mail USA, our goal is to assist you in both selling and purchasing Angus cattle in addition to other breeds, using the online technology advantages of the Internet to improve the process. Consider us as your genetic portal for all beef cattle breeds being sold where you can access our sale calendar listing upcoming sales, online bull and female sale catalogs and sale reports so you can keep abreast of market trends and cattle prices. Get more information by calling 877-505-0914 or emailing us at