Show Cattle For Sale

Locating show cattle can be a tedious process as only the very highest quality individuals will be competitive in the show arena. Club calf breeders who produce show prospects are very selective in their mating decisions. All club calf breeders utilize artificial insemination (AI) to insure that they are breeding to the very top, most popular bulls in the industry. These sires will better insure higher quality show prospect progeny that will bring top prices. Generally show cattle, frequently described as clubbies, show steers or show heifer prospects, are offered for sale at ages from three to seven months of age. The majority are sold by private treaty as either "load and go" or "bid-off" sales while a smaller number are sold on auction sales.

Cattle Mail USA offers promotion options for club calf producers with our email broadcasts and sale calendar listings. Email sale notifications are sent to junior exhibitors who show the calves in prospect shows and 4-H and FFA competition. Finding calves that are competitive is always a challenge although today there are a number of producers with show calves for sale in many areas of the United States. Smaller county type show do not demand the quality as does the larger regional and national shows such as Aksarben, Denver, Louisville, Kansas City and Fort Worth plus the state fairs. Visit our website at to located upcoming sales and also access our website directory to find club calf producers websites that offer show calves for sale.

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Your source of top quality show calf prospects is at Cattle Mail USA. Whether searching for spring born or fall born calves, we provide access to many breeders' sale offerings. Selecting calves that are the proper age and weight is very important so they will meet the proper finished weight at the final show.

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