Livestock Feed Efficiency

In today’s volatile cattle industry profits are going to be highly influenced by feed efficiency. Getting the most response from energy feedstuffs such as corn or DDG will be vital to bottom line profitability. Currently DNA tests are available from Bovigen to determine feed efficiency genetics of the tested cattle. This information is certain to be very valuable in the selection of seedstock in the next decade as cattlemen search for cattle that perform better on less feed intake.

The USDA Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) has been conducting numerous types of feed efficiency studies in an effort to also provide beneficial information to cattle producers. Their comparisons of the feed intake vs. production and performance are based on breeds and cow size. As corn demand increases and prices advance it will be imperative to determine the most feed efficient breeds and individuals for future beef production.

A popular by-product of ethanol production from corn is dried distillers grains (DDG) that are proving to be valuable in lowering feed costs and improving feed efficiency. Cattlemen who have not adapted to using this by-product must, if possible, make necessary ration and equipment changes to take advantage of the feed cost savings.

Cattle Sellers Strive for Livestock Feed Efficiency to Increase Profits

At Cattle Mail USA, many of our sale customers are providing DNA feed efficiency test results. These tests represent the latest new technology to identify bulls and females genetic traits. These tests are available to seedstock and commercial producers by Bovigen, LLC. We expect more companies to provide similar tests in the future. DNA test samples are determined from hair roots of the subject animals.

We encourage cattlemen to utilize the feed efficiency DNA test results in the selection of their breeding seedstock. This trait determination could well be one of the most important selection tools available to both breeders and commercial cow calf producers. Contact us to learn more at 877-505-0914 or email us at