Cattle Database

With the importance of bio-security many leaders in the cattle industry and governmental sectors have proposed implementing a nationwide cattle database of information, which would be similar to those already established in other countries. The database would make use of electronic tagging, or microchips, to track all cattle in the United States. The tracking would not only prove age, location but could include heritage and breed integrity, but also monitor infectious diseases that concern the government and the public.

While the implementation of a national database has many in the cattle industry adamant about one side or the other. All individual breed associations already maintain a database to track pedigrees, ownership, performance records, carcass data and ultrasound results submitted by members. In a completely voluntary process (for the most part), breeders choose to submit information if they want to be listed.

Cattle Database Makes Tracking and Locating Cattle Efficient

The American Angus Association currently maintains the largest purebred beef cattle database in existence. It tracks the breeding, ownership and performance records of Angus cattle. The centralized database allows producers to maintain genetic purity records, which in turn ensures pedigree accuracy. Integrity of genetic records with supporting performance and carcass data is a priority responsibility of cattle breed associations.

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