Dried Distillers Ethanol Grains

As the price of corn increases due to demand for the production of ethanol, the industry must seek out new methods of feed, including using dried distillers ethanol grains. Use of the ethanol distiller's by-products for beef continues to be closely evaluated by the cattle industry. With proper use, the by-products may increase efficiency while providing a highly nutritious feed source.

Using the ethanol distilling by-products for beef and dairy cattle actually provides higher protein and fat intake than normal feed. The distillers dried grains (DDG) specifically offer higher digestible-fiber content than corn. Use of up to 40 percent of the dried grain improves the average daily gain when growing and finishing cattle and most importantly reduces feeding costs when compared to feeding corn.

Use Dried Distillers Ethanol Grains as a Nutritional Feed

Cattlemen working with DDG find that they can increase feed efficiency without sacrificing quality, which allows them to produce superior beef products. While the recommended combination of distiller grains and more traditional feed changes with the market, you should stay aware of current options. After all, the key to success in the cattle industry is finding the perfect balance between economical and nutritional needs.

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