Cattle Market

Cattle market prices vary for different classes of cattle and can seasonally fluctuate depending on the supply and demand status. Additional factors influencing the commercial cattle market values can depend on the condition and weights of the cattle, breed, quality, location, trucking distance and futures markets. Seedstock sold by breeders market value has a wider range of value that is relative to genetics, breeds, pedigree popularity, EPDs, ultrasound data, performance records, indexes, color, quality, location, delivery options, guarantee and the reputation of the seller.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to tune into a weekly (or even daily) market report for commercial feeders or finished cattle on the radio, listing all the major sales in the area plus the futures markets. Sale reports can also be found on the Internet at for breeder bull, female, dispersion and production sales along with commercial markets. By keeping abreast of sale prices over a period of time it will be easier to determine the fair market value for cattle that you may be interested in purchasing. This information will also be valuable to predetermine break-even or profit potentials in commercial feeders.

Spot Trends in the Cattle Market with Past-Sales Reports

Past-sales reports provide you with a good evaluation of the market. At Cattle Mail USA, we offer online reports detailing the sale averages for specific seedstock sales and also a listing of the top sellers that includes the buyer. This information is referenced by numerous cattlemen daily by visiting to keep in touch with the sale market trends and the purchasers of featured sale lots.

Seasonal trends and environmental setbacks can affect market prices as well as consumer demand. Use our sales reports to spot trends early and market your livestock accordingly. Call us at 877-505-0914 or email us at to get more information.