Cattle Industry

For those involved in the cattle industry, there is little doubt that the business is rapidly changing. Advances in production, nutrition, genetics and marketing driven by technology are providing the cattle industry with many opportunities and efficiencies. While profits in most sectors are influenced by the cost of production, the demand for quality, healthy beef is good relative to the supply available. Today's national cow herd population is the lowest since 1952 and it has been challenged to increase because of climatic weather conditions of either droughts or severe winter conditions. Additionally with the international export complications developed from the BSE disease has been a challenge to the cattle industry until most recently. Soon all international markets are expected to be open creating a demand for the available supply and beef prices will improve. In general the cattle industry is providing many positive opportunities for those involved with the primary challenge being high feed and land costs.

Cattle industry marketing has been advanced in the recent years with the use of the Internet. Today information on cattle operations and cattle for sale is more accessible than anytime in our history. At Cattle Mail USA we have been a leader in providing current information on cattle that are for sale and reports of cattle prices. Our email broadcast service provides thousands of cattlemen with valuable information on cattle for sale bring the sellers and buyers together for private treaty and auction sales of all classes of cattle. Online auctions have also emerged as an excellent avenue to view and bid on cattle being sold. Most are live while others are pre-recorded videos. Both commercial and purebred seedstock are sold online today.

Follow the Cattle Industry into the Digital Age

Online advertising has improved the efficiency of promotion tremendously when compared to the traditional print media. It is interactive providing immediate, user-friendly access to websites, online catalogs, sale listings, sale lot photos and online catalog request options. Additionally it permits fast transmission insuring the most current sale information is available to potential buyers. In today’s technology driven information age, our email broadcasts have proven to be the best avenue to connect buyers and sellers. Testimonials on our website at from provide evidence of the excellent satisfaction of those benefiting from our email broadcast services.

Cattle Mail USA is the leader in online-sales promotion for the cattle industry. Our opt-in email database is large and responsive to the cattle or services advertised for our customers. Make the best use of your time by staying informed electronically with our email broadcasts. If you have not signed up for our free subscriptions, subscribe at The industry is changing, make sure you stay current with up-to-date sale listings and market reports. Call 877-505-0914 or send email to for details.