Bulls For Sale

Today’s cattlemen typically are provided with a tremendous amount of information that can be utilized for bull selection. Included is actual data such as birth weights, adjusted weaning and yearling weights, EPDs, scrotal measurements, ultrasound data, DNA testing for parentage, color, polled, tenderness and feed efficiency traits. Indexes are also generally available to compare contemporary groups. Ultrasound data has developed into a very important selection tool enhanced by the demands for better carcass quality necessitated to insure good consumer demand. After all, when purchasing cattle, you should learn as much information as possible to help you decide whether a particular individual will enhance your breeding program. At Cattle Mail USA, most of our bull sale customers provide complete performance data, EPDs, and ultrasound data available on our interactive email broadcast pages, sale supplement sheets or online sale catalogs. With one click you can have immediate access to important bull buying decisions.

Use Ultrasound Data to
Find Quality Bulls for Sale

The ultrasound information, along with EPD and performance data, provides excellent resource for seedstock selection. With today’s ultrasound technology developments, the availability of accurate information and predictability has never been better or more valuable. Ultrasound carcass information is utilized as a selection tool by cattlemen worldwide.

At Cattle Mail USA, we offer a unique service, allowing sellers to reach potential customers with current ultrasound data. Often we provide updated ultrasound data for bull sales where the information was not available to meet the printing deadlines of sale catalogs. We can deliver this information via an email broadcast prior to the beginning of an auction or post it in our sale calendar. Call us at 877-505-0914 or email us at listmanager@cattlemailusa.com for more details.