Club Calves

Today the club calf industry is recognized for its production of tremendously high quality individuals. Most club calf breeders utilize artificial insemination (AI) to elite, highly promoted popular sires noted or projected to sire offspring that will have unique qualities capable of show ring championships. Club calf breeders are located through out the United States with the highest concentration located from South Dakota south to Texas plus the states of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Locating high quality, competitive club calves for sale can take substantial time. At Cattle Mail USA we promote breeder auctions sales, private treaty sales and consignment sales that offer club calves for sale. Our advertising promotion options include email broadcasts, sale calendar listings and website directory listings. Our email broadcast features photos of the top show candidates selling that can include show steer or show heifer prospects. The email broadcast is delivered over the Internet to a large targeted database that includes junior exhibitors who are potential buyers to show club calves at 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) shows.

Find Quality Club Calves for Sale through Cattle Mail USA

Club calf producers are the source of show ring winners as they breed quality that will excel in the highly competitive shows. These shows can range in type from local progress shows to regional, state and national competition. Finding the best quality at the affordable prices is a challenge for many families. Cattle Mail USAís website is a source to locate many breeders selling club calves on their website directory. Click on the state of interest and then the index tab noting Club Calf that will provide you with a list of club calf producerís websites. Also find club calves for sale on their sale calendar and email broadcast pages.

Competition to locate and purchase this best show prospect for your budget can be a challenge. Many times selection is done from three to six months of age, thus knowing where and when calves are for sale is important. To keep abreast of show calves for sale and photos of show steer and heifer prospects make Cattle Mail USA your source. If you have not signed up to receive our free email broadcasts, do so at our website. To learn more, call 877-505-0914 or email us at